Sleazy Way Out

Band Bio - The story so far....

Sleazy Way Out are at the forefront of the Sleaze rock movement in Montreal, having just completed their debut album "Satisfy Me" with acclaimed producer Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope). The band has drawn comparisons to Cinderella, Guns 'n' Roses, Dangerous Toys, WASP and Motley Crue. The album "Satisfy Me" is a 10 song , non stop, all killer and no filler, piece of sleaze rock. Continuing in the tradition of the aforementioned bands, the album is full of catchy choruses, songs about partying, sex and booze.


Sleazy Way Out are here to kick ass, both onstage and on record. They bring the party wherever they play and you are guaranteed to have a good time whenever they hit the stage.


Buy the album, and crank it up!!!!



The band 's story began back in 2011...

The place was the legendary Fouf's in Montreal and Saxon had just finished their set in front of a sold out crowd. As the crowd dispersed, and metalheads gathered outside the club, Stacey and Cleve struck up a conversation that went something like this :

Cleve: Hey man, how's your band doing?

Stacey: It's not doing anything right now....I am looking for new guys.

Cleve: well dude, if you need a guitar player, hit me up

and so it began....


Stacey and Cleve exchanged some songs, drank alot of beer and had a discussion about the direction they would like to take the band in. Soon after, the first rehearsal was scheduled and immediately things started to click musically. The band lineup included Stacey, Cleve, Jf  (bass) and Max (drums). Rehearsals and writing continued for a few months and the band put out a couple of demo songs to address the demand from friends and fans to hear what this new project sounds like. Soon after playing the first gig with this lineup , Max was out on drums. Enter Al (the beast from the East) on drums. Al helped the band fulfill some obligations for shows, but distance played a factor and Al made his exit from the band. The search for a drummer brought many players to the auditions but one drummer stood out and clicked right away.


Enter Dan (The Man) to take over drumming duties. 2 short weeks after joining the band , Sleazy way Out made their return to the stage with a new drummer and a renewed energy. Shortly after, Sleazy Way Out opened for Swedish sleaze legends Crash Diet and Crucified Barbara. More gigs followed, which saw the band fine tuning their live show, while opening for the likes of L.A. Guns, Diemonds, Hessler and Famous Underground. The band was asked to be a part of an album celebrating the rebirth of the sleaze rock movement alongside 17 other bands from around the world. The song "Born To Booze" was recorded in Montreal with acclaimed producer Kevin Jardine (Slaves On Dope) at Uplift Recording Studio. The song was soon picked up by internet radio giant and added to regular rotation. The demand was high for a full length studio album but funds were low. People from around the world were asking for a record and the band determined that the best way to meet the demand would be to raise the funds needed with a crowdfunding campaign that would allow the fans to play an active role in making the album a reality. The band had reached a critical point in their career and unfortunately parted ways with JF after much discussion and consideration. Auditions were held and the clear choice to fill the bass spot going forward was Xav (the X-man). Rehearsals with Xav commenced and the band made its debut with Xav , opening for 80's Sleaze legends Faster Pussycat.


With a rock solid lineup and musical chemistry back in place, a crowdfunding campaign was launched in the summer of 2014. The campaign was successful and the band returned to Uplift Recording Studio to work with Kevin on the full length debut album. The band entered the studio in mid-October and mastering was finished in December 2014. The guys recently had the pleasure of opening for John Corabi (Motley Crue,RATT, Union, The Scream) on his 20th anniversary tour of the self titled Motley Crue album.


The album , entitled "Satisfy Me" is available online as a digital download here and physical copies of the CD are also available.

enter 2017....the guys had many shows booked and things were starting to heat up for the band. Dan and the band mutually decide that it is time for a parting of ways, after years of partying, travelling and playing together.

auditions were held and once again, one drummer stood head and shoulders above any others....

being in this position before , it was decided that the prospective new drummer needed to pass the ultimate test....can he party together with sleazy way out?!

well folks....sleazy way out are pleased to announce that their new drummer passed with flying colours

enter Joey on the drums!!!!

joey answered the call and came well prepared to kick ass with his high energy style of drumming

he made his live debut with the band , much the same as xav, opening for faster pussycat.....suffice it to say, he fucking slayed it....

let the party continue! 

and that is the story so far.....