Sleazy Way Out

Satisfy Me

by Sleazy Way Out

Our debut album
  • 03:14 Lyrics Born To Booze


    Get out the whiskey , crank up the tunes

    We live our lives by the light of the moon

    We’re gonna party in here tonite

    Wont stop drinkin ‘til we lose our sight


    When we get high we get high with you

    Ill tell ya baby we were born to booze


    I wanna party tonite

    Everythings feeling alright

    Gonna go start a fight

    Cuz I wanna party tonite


    Raise up your glass when the lights go down

    Better be ready when we roll into town

    We’ll keep the party goin til the end

    And make you wanna do it all over again



  • 03:15 Lyrics Satisfy Me


    Why is it so complicated, you always run and hide

    You know I’m so addicted, so don’t put me aside

    You’re so cold blooded but teasin’ when it comes time you run

    One more time I’m pleasin’ it could be so much fun


    Baby I love what youre doin to me

    Maybe we can do it all nite long

    I love what youre doin to me

    So go ahead and satisfy me


    Im not talkin bout feelings, so why are you running scared

    There aint no reason for dealin, its only fun we shared

    I don’t wanna make you feel bad , but I don’t understand

    How can it be so sad , there aint no wedding plans

  • 04:03 Lyrics All The Way To Heaven


    We’ve been talkin bout us for a while

    You know im so amazed by your smile

    When I talk to you I couldn’t tell no lies

    The feelings ive got for you took me by surprise


    Can you see me comin your way

    Girl I want it to last more than just one day

    All I want right now is you

    You better be ready babe cuz im pulling thru


    All the way to heaven tonite

    I can see the love in your eyes

    All the way to heaven tonite

    Don’t care if its worng or its right


    Youre so hot I cant stop thinkin of you

    Look what kind of hell you’ve put me thru

    But I would do this all over again

    My destiny is in the palm of your hand


  • 04:27 Lyrics I Want It


    It’s you and me in the dead of the nite

    You know I want it c’mon say you want me too

    You talk so sweet and it’s getting me hot

    Won’t you stop teasin so I can start pleasing you


    So tell me can you feel the heat all around

    Tell me baby you don’t know what we’re getting into


    I want it you want it too I want it

    Baby let’s do it

    I want it you want it too I want it

    Love the way you screw me


    The nite is perfect and you’re turnin me on

    Forget about another tonite its go go go ,so let’s go

    You act like you don’t care but you come back for more

    If we’re gonna do this you know I’ll do you right , so right


  • 03:25 Lyrics Secret


    Its been runnin thru my mind almost all the time

    Eatin at me like a disease but I committed no crime

    Should I stay here should I go there I don’t know what to do

    Choked by my emotions how come I always lose

    Eyes that kill lookin at me wonderin whats goin on

    I can feel it deep inside where it all went wrong

    I know you want me to speak but I would tell you lies

    So I stand here without words spoken watchin our demise


    I know you wish you’d know

    I’ve got a secret that I just can’t tell

    Oh no you’ll never know

    I’ve got a secret that I just can’t tell


    Asking me if there’s something that I wanna say

    A thousand things running thru my head wondering if I will stay

    You want to know what’s haunting me so bad tell me do you

    I can’t speak cuz you don’t know just what I’m going thru


  • 04:14 Lyrics Wasted Chance


    The sun goes down on a hot summer nite

    Were goin wild and ive got you in my sights

    You light up the sky

    We got wasted and we lose control

    With just one touch you left your mark on my soul

    My heart ya stole


    And I realize ive wanted you for so long

    Lookin in your eyes the feelin is so strong


    Were goin all the way tonite were gonna make it

    I will take it day by day tonite were gonna make it


    Lookin for you tryin to make up your mind

    Cuz I know I don’t wanna leave you behind

    Your one of a kind

    Its goin down so don’t hesitate

    Lets do it now please don’t make me wait

    Love turns to hate

    It could have been oh so different if we’d made it right

    But its too late here tonite

    And now I know that I will be thinking of you everyday

    This wasted chance we blew away everything has gone astray


  • 03:00 Lyrics Hotter Than Fire


    I know this girl she sets me on fire

    Cuz she’s so full of burnin desire

    She used to walk with her nose held high

    She used to think I was just another guy

    But her heart started to go in a rage

    When she saw me with the boys on that stage


    She’s got my temperature hot, she’s takin everything I’ve got

    Cuz she’s hotter, hotter than fire

    And she’s takin me, takin me higher

    She’s hotter, hotter than fire oh yeah


    You know this girl she’s got a smile so hot

    Flashes it at me givin everything she’s got

    Walkin by me, man she’s such a tease

    Got me down beggin on my knees



  • 03:02 Lyrics Rock The Groove


    Nice dinner a bottle of wine

    Better get ready cuz I’m next in line

    Like before goin all nite

    I’m gonna make you scream so baby hold on tight

    You feel it you, wanna make it so tear down the walls between

    Move fast you know it’s not gonna last

    I’m gonna be your sex machine


    It’s just the start of the story and you know

    It’s down to you and me so let’s go


    Whoa –oh

    Can’t get enuff I’m so into you


    I love your moves when you rock the groove


    I pick you up you look so fine

    Forget about the past cuz tonite you’re mine

    Tomorrow is another day

    You know just like that well go our separate ways

    Let yourself go goin with the flow

    And I know you won’t regret

    You know me it’s easy to see

    I tell ya im not done yet



  • 03:34 Lyrics Goin' Wild


    You try to force us to do what were told

    Not even sorry but it’s in our soul

    You can go fuck yourself while you’re there

    And we wouldn’t even care

    Ready for battle backs to the wall

    It’s all for one and one for all

    You can try to keep us under control but don’t try

    To touch our rock n roll


    I’m nobody’s fool

    And I never play by the rules


    Were screamin stand and fight today we won’t go away

    Generation goin wild

    Were takin to the streets tonite c’mon and make it right


    So don’t try to understand cuz you can’t

    You won’t win well fight until the end

    You can try to give it a shot but we will show you all we’ve got

    So shut up and get back in your place

    Well shove it all back into your face

    We’ve got the attitude and we’ve got the style yeah were rebels

    With wicked smiles


  • 04:10 Lyrics Voodoo Queen


    You see her standin there across the room

    She’s got that look in her eyes

    She has something that everyone wants, she can make a grown man cry

    Shell steal your heart like a thief in the nite

    You’ll never get it again

    You’ll be left standing at the side of the road in the pourin rain


    She’s got it all, all dressed up in leather

    Anything you need

    She’ll drive you crazy nothing lasts forever

    She’s the voodoo queen


    A face so pretty a star in the nite

    And all dressed in black

    Look in her eyes smile on her face bitch is ready to attack

    You try and try to break her heart

    On your knees you’ll crawl

    Then you’ll come back and do it again ready to lose it all


    Oh no you see it’s all in vain

    That girl she’s fuckin insane

    Baby she’s walkin away

    Maybe you’ll get your chance another day


produced by Kevin Jardine at Uplift Recording Studio
Montreal , Quebec
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Jardine