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Sleazy Way Out - Satisfy Me

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Released February 13, 2015 (Sleazy Way Out)

Track List:
01. Born To Booze

02. Satisfy Me
03. All The Way To Heaven
04. I Want It
05. Secret
06. Wasted Chance
07. Hotter Than Fire
08. Rock The Groove
09. Goin' Wild
10. Voodoo Queen

Stacey Sleaze - vocals
Cleve - guitar and backing vocals
Xav - bass and backing vocals
Dan - drums and backing vocals

Produced, mixed and mastered by Kevin Jardine.

In 2015 it's becoming increasingly rare to find straight-up rock bands hailing from Canada or the USA, instead most of the talent pool is gravitating towards modern folk or electronic dance music. That's why I was delighted to find this gem of a band rooted in Montreal, Canada. With the name Sleazy Way Out, and an album called Satisfy Me that features cover artwork of a girl in a mini skirt putting on lipstick in a dirty washroom, it quickly becomes crystal clear what genre this group are catering to.
  On first listen to Satisfy Me one might think they have stumbled across a long-lost Cinderella recording -- but no, this is brand new. That vocal sound you're hearing is about as close to a second coming of Tom Keifer as I've ever heard. Sleazy Way Out lead vocalist Stacey Sleaze is a true tenor, but not in the usual shrill manor of most tenor rock vocalists, instead he has that full bodied growl that only Keifer could completely pull off.
  There are some noteworthy points to Sleazy Way Out's sound, and the songwriting is simple straight-ahead fun driving hard rock -- no fillers nor ballads are to be found on Satisfy Me. I might also add that the band's songs contain arguably better hooks than most other new bands of the 'sleaze' genre. Guitar fans will find plenty of tasteful chops to steal and the solid drumbeats and bass lines are slammin'. Most notable are the songs "Born To Booze", "Hotter Than Fire" and "Voodoo Queen" that formulate the lethal mix of pop-metal with a bluesy punch reminiscent of latter Cinderella.
  Sleazy Way Out's future may be bright, having already opened for established acts such as Crashdiet, Faster Pussycat and John Corabi. Fans of '80s rock will eat Satisfy Me up... and crank it up. -

Reviewed by Mark Horvath for Sleaze Roxx, March 2015

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Sleazy Way Out – Satisfy Me


Wanna know the worst part about being someone who reviews music? That constant fear that whatever the fuck you’re saying is gonna get old eventually. I literally wake up in a cold sweat some nights from terrors of becoming a Tickle Me Elmo doll with the same fucking phrases said over and over. Then the blood starts flowing and I realize, “Wait, this happens to fucking everything in music!” From singers to guitarists, right down to the damn genres, it’s all one mighty beast of riffs and wails. How I keep writing cock rock reviews is absolutely beyond me, but today, ladies and gents, we’re giving an honest listen to the long awaited debut recordSatisfy Me by Montreal’s 80s hair metal maestros, Sleazy Way Out.

This naughty little lass and all of her tantalizing artwork came out earlier this spring. I suck at writing album reviews, but that doesn’t make this record any less worth the listen. Any true fan of the fundamentals of cock rock (get used to the term, you’re gonna hear it aloooooot in this write up) are absolutely going to love this record. Compositionally speaking, it’s a bitching little piece with banging riffs out the fucking wazoo, pummelling drums from start to finish, sleazy, cheesy meows from bottom to top, and of course, bass (yes, I’m making a bassist joke, and no, I’m not funny). Now, you must be thinking that I’m practically talking about a fucking Motley Crue record but, alas, I do have some softer points to touch on.

This is a locally-brewed piece by none other than Kevin Jardine at Uplift Studios, funded entirely by the bands’ die-hard fans and friends (myself included, bitches). The actual song structures are truly respectful of the cock rock style (as I’ve already rambled about). The recording and engineering, however, could definitely use a little slapping around. Guitarist Cleve Hartwick has always been known to pack a crunch worthy of bitch slapping the guy who invented Kit Kat, but it didn’t seem to translate quite as well in the recording. The same thing can be said about the drum tones used in the final release; the actual lines and rolls are great, but the sound felt almost tin-can-ish at points. All of that said, this really just means you should catch these cats in the flesh and see for yourself.

Anybody who may have read my review of Sleazy back at the Corabi gig here in the big MTL might remember me having a slight qualm with the vocals. Singer Stacey Sleaze is the epitome of consistency on this piece, the problem being that consistency can also be perceived as monotony. His trademark purr is akin to that of ACDC’s Brian Johnson, only a little lower on the ferocity scale. Some of history’s most iconic frontmen came from the realm of cock rock. From Vince Neil to Axel Rose, and all the way to the mighty Michael Starr, there are a lot of things that made each of these names scrape the stars, particularly their diverse techniques. Now don’t get me wrong, there are times on this record where the vocal buzz on this album can slice like razor blades. This happens most keenly on opening track “Born to Booze,” and even further down the track list on “Going Wild.” By the time I rolled down the record to something with a bit more of a ballad vibe, specifically “Wasted Chance,” I started to wish for a clean note that wasn’t flying with falsetto.

From top to bottom and back again, after each of the thousand times I’ve given this piece a listen, I can safely say that if you wanna keep a style like cock rock alive, then you most definitely need to give this record your attention. When the dust had settled and the laughter on an outtake after “Voodoo Queen” cuts out, I was left with the need for a rating. Head held high, I gave this record a 7/10. Going forward, I’d love to see something like this recorded or mastered a little differently, with a few more clean vocal lines being sung out. Until then, Sleaze it right the fuck out.


Written by Jason Greenberg
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Sleazy Way Out - A sleaze metal band to watch out for


IMG_7434[1].JPGAnd you thought heavy metal of all sorts was dead and gone thanks to the rise of grunge music in the nineties? You couldn't be further from the truth! Glam metal, sleaze metal, hair metal, pop metal, those are all on the same branch of the heavy metal tree. It's also what you could say started the heavy metal trend.  It's also the most popular branch of heavy metal music with the most exposure. Glam metal had the most to lose when grunge bands started getting record deals.

Sleaze metal, what is it exactly? Sleaze metal was a born from a revival of glam metal in the nineties, some people say Sweeden is the birthplace of the genre. How would someone describe sleaze metal? It's a musical genre with roots in rock music and heavy metal. Don't call sleaze metal hair metal or you might offend someone!

We all thought grunge killed heavy metal, more precisely hair metal, back in the nineties, but lots of bands stuck around or have been reviving from the ashes of metal days.

Sleazy Way Out, a Montreal-based band, calls describes its sound as "Sleaze Metal", but what exactly is Sleaze Metal? Where does it originate? And most importantly, who is Sleazy Way Out?

Is a band who's done their homework. They have the recipe for making catchy tune and they are using it, with abusing it.

The band is made up of three musicians and one lead singer. They are: Stacey Sleaze as the lead screamer (as per their website); Cleve on Guitar and backing vocals; Xav on bass guitar; and last but not least, Dan on drums.

How did Sleazy Way Out come about? Cleve and Stacey ran into each other at a Saxon concert in Montreal in September 2012 (now, in case you are wondering, Saxon is a British metal band formed in the mid-seventies who are still rocking the metal scene). Cleve and Stacey discovered that they shared a passion for similar bands and that both were looking to start an original band. They got together shortly after and had their first jam (a jam in music is an improvised musical performance) with JF Daigle on bass. A few months went by before they finally found the perfect drummer at the beginning of 2013.

The band didn't sit still. They started recording songs and posting them on their Facebook page. Their fan base is close to 3500 in less than a year! Pretty impressive!

The strength of their self-recorded song drew the attention of Delinquent Records based in the United-States. They were offered to include a song on a compilation album. They recorded "Born to Booze" at Uplift Studio in Montreal with the help of producer Kevin Jardine (formerly of Slaves on Dope, you can read on article featuring Kevin discussing how difficult it is to break through in the music industry.

How would you describe the sound of Sleazy Way Out? It's a mix of the best glam bands from the eighties (Motley Crue, WASP, Dangerous Toys and Cinderella), but with a heavier sound that one might expect from a sleaze metal band.

The band has a large repertoire of original songs as well as cover songs that they perform live. You can view some of their live performances on YouTube. They cover bands that were highly popular back in the heydays of glam metal such as Ratt, Guns 'n Roses, Cinderella, L.A. Guns, Skid Row, Faster Pussycat, WASP and Britney Fox. Those songs really get the crowds going! As for the original songs from Sleazy Way Out? They are in no way left behind during shows! They are high energy rock songs with catchy lyrics leaning heavily on the sleaze rock motto!

We can thank Bands like Sleazy Way Out for sticking it out and making sure the sound never dies and even progresses. Sleazy Way Out is not a lazy band who only play cover tunes, no, they actually write and record their own songs. You can listen to a excerpt of Born to Booze on the compilation album "Girls, Fire & Hairspray" on iTunes. You can learn more about Sleazy Way Out by visiting their website at : and you can see them live at Cafe Chaos on January 24, they are the headliners, scheduled to hit the stage at 10h30.

I do wish them all the best in getting an album out and getting their name known across borders. I do believe they have a chance at getting themselves known outside of Montreal. All they need is more exposure.


By Andrew Depedro, Ottawa Corespondent
Thursday, August 27, 2015 @ 5:26 PM 


Satisfy Me

Sleazy Way Out Records

Straight outta Montreal, the most European of cities in all of North America, four friends get together following a mutual meetup at a SAXON concert at Foufonnes Electriques in 2011 and begin writing songs inspired by loud guitars, fast cars, girls, tattoos and other subject material considered anathema to the critically acclaimed masses that worship at the indie rock altar of the Arcade Fire and the Dears. "Songs about being born to booze?" the neck-bearded hipster will scoff at the bandanna-wearing leather-clad tattooed quartet that make up SLEAZY WAY OUT, sensing that the band aren't massive Leonard Cohen fans by now, "Like the Confederate flag in 2015, that just won't fly these days in the scene. You sure you guys aren't a novelty act?"

True, SLEAZY WAY OUT are indeed a band from a bygone era completely out of its element, but the only piss they're taking is from copious amounts of Bombay Gin and Budweiser amongst other sources of liquid inspiration which helped in the writing process for their full-length debut album Satisfy Me. And clearly the band members - vocalist Stacey Sleaze, guitarist Cleve, bassist Xavier and drummer Danny - have managed to curb their time at the bar enough to not only record and co-produce a decent debut CD (with the help of SLAVES ON DOPE producer Kevin Jardine) but to also oversee its distribution and promotion both at home and abroad. KNAC.COM already gives both "Born To Booze" and the title track some moderate amounts of airplay and the band have a small but steady following in Europe. "So do most other struggling indie bands," protests the hipster, "Why should I be giving these chodes more of my time instead of the profound ethereal rawness of Wolf Parade? And why hasn't Kurt Cobain come back to finish the job he set out to do back in 1991?"

Well, Kurt's been quiet for the past 20 years due to him being somewhat dead and the void left by him on modern rock radio has only served to add the halcyon days of grunge onto the pile of rock classics you'd be happy to never have to listen to again. Plus almost every struggling indie band these days barely has an original sound anymore thanks to their penchant to recreate the spirit of Seattle. Isn't it time for the Eddie Vedder vocal style to be put to rest already after two decades? SLEAZY WAY OUT seem to think so as do every other new band from their 80's glam revival (CRASHDIET, CRUCIFIED BARBARA, DIEMONDS) that they've toured with. Their sound may not be entirely original either but at least they're trying something unique outside of more uninspired renditions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit". When was the last time you heard a vocalist nail the sounds of Tom Keifer's bluesy voice without having to join aCINDERELLA cover band? Frontman Stacey Sleaze gets the job done on "Wasted Chance", which is about the only moderately slow-tempo song on the whole disc. Elsewhere he'll alternate his singing style with that of DANGEROUS TOYS/BROKEN TEETH frontman Jason McMaster on tracks such as "All The Way To Heaven" and "Hotter Than Fire". As well, any RAMONES fan would appreciate SLEAZY WAY OUT's talents for writing songs between the 3-4 minute mark rife with catchy hooks. Of course, songs like "Goin' Wild" and "Rock The Groove" sound lyrically amateurish but so was 95% of the RAMONES' output as well. Okay, I don't entirely get the point behind the recorded crank calls after "Voodoo Queen" either but at least they'd be forthcoming when it comes to sharing an inside joke.

Profound and ethereal kinda limits the playing field for spontaneity and straight-up fun and no amount of locally crafted beer can suddenly make Win and Regine as exciting to the masses as SLEAZY WAY OUT. You might not be able to count on SLEAZY WAY OUT to guard your locally crafted beer but at least you can count on them to put out a lively-sounding disc in the form of Satisfy Me.

4.0 Out Of 5.0

Grab a copy of Satisfy Me in the KNAC.COM More Store right HERE.

- See more at:

Sleaze Roxx

Limited Edition Compilation CD Featuring Sleaze Rockers For Good Cause


Limited edition compilation CD featuring sleaze rockers for good cause

A number of hard rock bands have come together to deliver an extremely limited edition of the very first compilation CD featuring a veritable who’s who of up and coming hard / melodic rockers. This could possibly be the only time ever to have all of these bands on one CD.

Starr photoThe reason for all these great bands getting together on one CD is thatStarr Huguenin, the 47 year old wife of rocker Sean Huguenin and a mother, was diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer (there are only 2,000 recorded cases) in April 2013. After surgery and a short remission, the cancer unfortunately came back with a vengeance in March 2014.Starr is now in Stage 4, which is considered terminal. Starr and Sean are overwhelmed with day to day living expenses as well as the looming worry of how they will pay for final expenses. The goal of this collaboration is to help ease that stress for them just a little.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Starr Struck CD will be donated directly to Starr and Sean Huguenin.

fundraising campaign has been started through Indiegogo, which has a goal of reaching a minimum of $2,000 US to assist in putting the CD together and out to the public. The fundraising campaign offers a number of perks including the Starr StruckCD, a Huguenin Fender bundle (which includes the guitar used by Sean Huguenin to write his hit song “Set Me Free”) and the Ultimate VIP bundle (which includes signed CDs from just about all the artists).

Compilation CD coverBands involved:
Suicide Bombers – Bladerunner 3:54
Huguenin – Holding On 4:55
Radio Sun – Caught Between Heaven & A Heartbreak 4:29
Johnny Lima – Nothing’s Worth Losing You 5:47
Idora – Above The Law 4:44
Jet Black Motorcade – The Ghost And The Bones 4:43
Dirtbag Republic – Leave The Lights On 4:18
Jason Pawlak – Step By Step 3:14
Last Call Messiahs – City Of Trash 3:49
Huguenin – Fly Away 3:48
Addiction – Saturday Night 3:35
Hipnostic – Ritual 4:27
Jean-Pierre Kryjns – AEIOU 9:56
Sleazy Way Out – Wasted Chance 4:14
Liberty N Justice and Jani Lane -Sin 4:42 (last song recorded by Lane)
Julian Angel’s Beautiful Beast – You Better Love Me

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Sleazy Way Out & Stunning (Concert Review)

StunningYou just never know what may come from an evening at the illustrious and infamous Norma Jean’s in northeast London, Ontario! We do not venture out there very often, for any other reason than it being on the opposite end of the city. Admittedly strange since we go to Detroit, Toronto and points in between often enough for entertainment. It isn’t our hangout haunt I suppose is what I am saying, of which we have a few for live music in this town. However, when a good band we want to see is there, no doubt we will be too. Our summer schedule has been crazy. So glad we could make this one in. It was a long day and both my wife and I had a serious case of the yawns. I hate this because I feel like if a band member sees this I could be offending them; I promise it was not your music/show! How so Canadian eh?

IMG_20160716_231608I had discovered the music of SWO a few months back as I try to keep an eye on my hometown music scene. A few times almost bought their music online, sure glad I held off because shortly thereafter this Montreal band was announced as being on the same bill as Stunning. Excellent! When they took the stage I could not believe the stature of their singer: Stacey. Already knowing the vocal style I could not imagine he could belt it high like that. Well done! Cleve on guitar is not only a super nice dude to speak to before and after the show, he rips on the axe. I was expecting their sound to be in line with their name and what I already had listened to online, I was most pleasantly surprised how much heavier they are. To wit, they played 2 cover songs: “I Wanna Be Somebody” from W.A.S.P. (a personal favourite) and “Burn In Hell” from Twisted Sister (another fave). Their own tunes can range from the sleazy style to closer to a mix of Maiden heaviness. Very impressive. I proudly wore a shirt given to me by Paul from Stunning before the show, well into the next day. I think my mother believes her 40 something son, and father of her 2 grandchildren, is not quite acting his age when I saw her they next day based on the artwork of said shirt. I highly recommend you get out to see Sleazy Way Out, they rock and are carrying a torch for those of us that enjoy the style. I did pick up their CD as well, nice packaging and thanks for signing it guys! Been listening to it for a couple days now on regular play through, sounds great. “All The Way to Heaven” is a great standout tune, glad you guys were glass tapped to come back out and play it! I will quote Tim who came up to me during the show (I think that is ok Tim, rip me a new one of not and I will take down the comment J : “Rock n roll is alive and well, and living in Montreal” – agreed, although we believe it lives elsewhere as well, it assuredly is not sedentary!

Now onto Stunning, I do believe this was their debut show. Frontman Steven R. Stunning (of 63 Monroe) has formed an all-star line-up. Guitarists Paul and Tim who play in a number of other bands in and around town, and quite honestly some of my favourites. When I am hooked I am hooked. They do not disappoint and having only heard Tim play bass before I was amazed at his guitar work and his stage presence jumping up and down from the drum riser. Paired with Paul: stunning! As always, frontman and full on energy Steven R Stunning is just that. Oh, I only wish the new, younger, whatever generation could see and emulate. You belong on a much grander stage my friend; however I am sure glad to catch your live show in these establishments. I ain’t a suck up; I appreciate a solid band and musicians and believe in praise. I saw a comment online about this being the tightest band around, I do agree. Oscar on bass is not only full of energy as well, he is keeping the band tight all night when it comes to the playmaking, all the while fist pumping and energizing the crowd as well. I loved hearing the songs from the record as well as covers of The Subways “Rock n Roll Queen” (you guys do it much better!) and an unrecorded tune “Boys Will be Boys”. Please record that, guys, I could listen to that song forever. Do yourself a favour, buy the music of Stunning. You truly are “Punk Rock Soldier”(s)! Do yourself another favour, get out and check out your local live music scene. I am a tired old guy. I could easily watch the tube and nap. Thankfully my forever hot wife and I love live music and foresee a long and loving future of doing just that until the end of days. Ya, I know, sappy but this is an ode to 20 years of marriage next month and 25 years of live music love together. One day I will share a flashback to our first concert. We are indeed rock n’ roll Vikings (thanks, Scott!).

  • Blair De Abreu